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Post Posted: August 11th, 2012, 1:14 pm 
Friday Aug 10

After we got moving, went to Cravings Buffet for lunch. Then played a few slots. Sharon played a Panda machine and won. We played a few other machines for a while, then I took her for a surprise visit to Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts for the Monet exhibit. She like Monet and Thomas Kinkade. After the gallery, stopped in the Jeff Mitchum Gallery and ended up buying a print.

From there, we went to the flowers which are as beautiful as ever. This included a stop at Cafe Bellagio for an appetizer and desert.

Then I surprised her with a trip to Tropicana for the Mob Experience. She has talked off and on about seeing this for a while. I thought it was done very well.

Stopped at an Eagle 4 games machine on the way out. This one has 4 slots on it and based on bet depends how many games you play. Hit the bonus round on the last spin and cashed out up $30. Haven't been in Trop for years. The redesign looks to be nice.

Back to room to rest for a bit. Down to BLT Burger for supper. Service is fairly slow as usual, but food is good. wonder how many people know this used to be the sandbox? It is where the white lions were on display before BLT Burger.

Then we got some play on VP by the Carnegie deli. I was getting tired and not making good decisions on VP, so I went to the next bank of WOF penny slots. Hit a couple of bonus and cashed out for about $90.

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