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Post Posted: August 10th, 2012, 1:46 pm 
Thursday Aug 9 - Phantom Day

I slept good - a rarity in Vegas. Sharon tossed and turned.

Drove down to the Welcome sign and got out to get a pic. Haven't done that in a while. I think they need more parking there.

Go to valet at MGM. and then to Emerils NOFH. Show up at 11:25 - they open at 11:30. Excellent food and service again. We beat the conventioneers in by about 10 minutes.

Wander through MGM to the Strip entrance playing a little on the way. The construction has really messed up traffic flow. Out to M&Ms store. BTW - It's HOT, HOT, HOT this week. Even the street performers are in the shade of the pedestrian bridge. The newest person (SCAM?) is collecting money in a pail for homeless. I told him that I give money at home.

We shop the 4 floors of M&M and get to checkout. I leave Sharon to check out and go out to sit for a few minutes. Did I mention that it's HOT? I go back in and Sharon and Larry from Manilla are doing O-H I-O. Larry started that after finding out we were from Cleveland. Manager Tom stops by and we have a nice chat. He's from Michigan.

Stop at Grand Canyon experience to look at T-shirts. Don't find sizes we want and continue back to MGM. I take another rest and Sharon shops at Rainforest Cafe store. She finds she forgot to use her 15% coupon at M&Ms store. Head back and see Larry and Tom. They unring everything and ring it up again. We spent enough again to get free shipping.

Back to MGM Valet and pick up car. Did I mention it's HOT? MGM construction has messed up traffic pattern too. hard to get out onto Tropicana and the turn lane is closed onto the strip. Down by Linq, the right lane is closed too. I was in the left lane to go back to Mirage.

Back to room for a short rest, then across street for Phantom which is closing in September. Our phones had weather alerts for flash flood watch and dust storm warning. (we never saw anything) Pick up tickets and go on in. $16 for a water and Rum/diet coke. Phantom is Awesome. Sharon had a nice chat with a lady from So Cal before and after the show.

Grand Lux after show. short wait. Seated in the outside area (by casino). Some idiot talking very loudly. Sounds like he wants a fight, but I can see him and it appears to be joking stuff. Food is excellent. I have a pastrami sandwich. This is the first since I came down with a minor heart problem 2 months ago. (lost over 30 lbs so far mostly with diet)

GO upstairs to find the T-shirts we wants, then back to Mirage. Play some on the VP by Carnegi Deli and WOF video slot. Then up to suite and bed.

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